Rober Glass is a leading company in the production and processing of flat laminated, curved, thermally-tempered and chemically-toughened glass

We produce specific types of glass for different purposes and industries: safety, construction, architecture and boating.

Our quest for innovation helps us experiment and create customized products and lamination solutions. Thanks to our in-house workshop we can easily follow every production phase, from project designing to after-sales services and assistance. Our products are currently installed on various sites throughout Europe.

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R & D

Rober Glass was among the first glassworks in Europe to acquire a chemical hardening oven, which allows to temper 3.20 x 1.80 m glass slabs.
Innovation is not just about machinery, but also methods.

One of our main objectives is to have an open approach to innovation, which allows us to modify or adapt our machines and experiment with new materials, such as lamination with special materials.

We aim to create new products - sometimes revolutionary - that are just as resistant and in line with the highest quality standards.

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We strive to improve ourselves, achieving and maintaining high levels of competitiveness and optimizing all production processes.

Our products and services are quality-certified and fully compliant with all current regulations. 

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