Roberglass is a company specialised in manufacturing flat and curved laminated safety glass, thermally and chemically tempered

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"the marvel of glass... protecting without imprisoning... being somewhere and being able to observe everything, having a roof to view the sky... a sensation of being inside and outside at the same time ... astuteness, nothing but astuteness... if you desire something but are afraid, all you have to do is place glass in-between... the object and you... it remains secure yet can be approached... There's nothing more... I put pieces of the world under glass so they can be saved... desires can take refuge inside... far away from fear... a marvelous and transparent shelter... "
Alessandro Baricco, Castelli di Rabbia, 1996


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Roberglass is certifyd UNI ISO ANSI from 2004

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ROBERGLASS SRL Via Bruno Buozzi, 64 56011 Calci (Pisa) ITALY

TEL +39 050 938509/938119

FAX +39 050 937486

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ROBERGLASS SRL Via Bruno Buozzi, 64 56011 Calci (Pisa) ITALY - Telefono +39 050 938509 / +39 050 938119 - Fax +39 050 937486